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From the Principal

Welcome our Academic Manager - Celina Viner

Welcome our Academic Manager - Celina Viner

I have the pleasure to present our Academic Manager.

Celina Viner is appointed to the position of Academic Manager, the role is to support the Principal in the mission towards ensuring the academic wing of the school,  to secure the highest academic expectations of its staff and students, Academic Manager is one of the key positions at IES schools.

I am glad to welcome Celina to the IES team in Östersund, she has seventeen years of teaching experience and her strongest will is to create and deliver engaging and challenging lessons. She´s passionate about modelling the importance of lifelong learning and seeks out new ways to promote engagement and inclusion for all students.

Celina is also experienced from school management with responsibilities including school development planning, curriculum planning, timetabling, school website development, specialist Leader in Education and student leadership. Now Celina teaches at a school in Skellefteå and gets familiar with the Swedish curriculum. Her experience from teaching and school management will strongly contribute to our school development.

I am glad to Welcome Celina to our team IES Östersund

 Your Principal / Mika Reunanen