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(Photo) Östersund
(Photo) Östersund
(Photo) Östersund
(Photo) Östersund

International English School Östersund

A safe and orderly F-7 school where teachers can teach and students learn, opened in August 2020.

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Välkommen till vår digitala rundtur

Är ni nyfikna på hur IES skolor är? Ta en tid att besöka oss via en digital rundtur, för att få en inblick i vad vi, våra elever och deras föräldrar tycker är viktigt för att skapa en bra skola.

School Blog

  • Visit from VIPs (Very Important People)

    Visit from VIPs (Very Important People)

    We were very excited to welcome Mrs Barbara Bergström to IES Östersund in September.  Mrs Bergström founded the first IES in 1993 and we have been keen to introduce her to our school since we opened in August 2020.  Mrs Bergström was joined on the visit by ...Read more

  • Pride at IES

    Pride at IES

    During weeks 35 and 36 IES Östesund has been celebrating Pride.  This has linked to our half term whole school theme of 'Everybody has the right to be who they are and love who they want'.  The school has been decorated with rainbow flags and hearts, there ...Read more

  • School Start 2021!

    School Start 2021!

    It was very exciting to welcome back so many returning students and staff for our School Start during week 34.  It was even more exciting to introduce all of our new students to the school.  We are now an F-8 school, with two mentor groups in every year ...Read more

  • New staff onboarding

    New staff onboarding

    It was great to welcome 19 new members of staff to IES Östersund at the start of week 32.  Our returning staff joined them later on in the week for our staff Kick Off and we are now a team of 51!  The increase in staff numbers reflects our school expansion ...Read more