Student Work

First Halloween at IES Östersund!

Friday 23rd October was such a special day in the history of IES Östersund. We had reached a significant milestone - the end of the first half of the autumn term!  However, what made the day so great was the fact that we also had our first IES Östersund Halloween dress up day on that day too.  It was such fun to stand at the school gate in the morning and meet and greet our students as they arrived for the day and see so many in costume.  A lot of thought and effort had gone into their outfits and I was very pleased to see that everyone had taken careful note of our dress up guidelines too.  Many of our staff had also entered into the spirit of the day.  There was a lovely atmosphere of happiness and peaceful celebration around the school and this was increased by the super decorations that several classes had made.  The school yard wasn't forgotten either because the F-3 classes had been working hard on making special, autumnal lanterns and these were placed under the trees during the day.

Lanterns decorated by FSKL - Year 3 students


It felt such a privilege to be part of IES Östersund history, as we, the school community, worked together to create our first traditions.  This was a wonderful way to end what has been a very busy few months.  The day made me feel so proud to be Principal of our new school.  A school which is building a strong ethos day by day and which is creating a community which can work hard together but can also have fun together.  Our Fritids team will continue to be providing activities during the autumn break for some children but it is my wish that for the rest of the staff, our students and their families, week 44 will be a time of relaxation and enjoyment away from school.  

Year 4 Robots

Year 4 students have created their very own Robots straight from their imagination! From learning basic language skills to writing stories, the students have come a long way. They have each produced an amazing creative writing piece in English class. 

Each robot has a number of parts and each part has a specific purpose; from completing homework to saving the earth! Some Robots have 8-10 parts that serve various purposes, and others perform a single task.

The work is displayed for a few more weeks in each year 4 classroom, with a drawing of each robot for you to enjoy.

I am proud of the students who continue to excel at IES Länna! 


Year 4 English and SO teacher

Ms. Powers

Bridge building in Teknik class Y6

                  Our amazing future architects in Y6 are demonstrating

                      the strength and stability of their bridge designs.