How does the admission process work?

First you must begin the application process by applying to our school on our website. After submitting your application you will then be placed in our queue system. We are only able to offer a spot if there is an opening within the year group applied for. When there is an opening, we will offer a place to the student who is first in the queue for that year group.   


How to apply to join IES Östersund?

Apply in just three steps:

1. Click Join the Queue.

2. Choose the school you would like to apply for- (Every school has its own queue. You can place your child in the queue from 1st February the year after they were born).

3. Fill in the form, including your details and those of your child so that we can stay in touch and let you know when a place becomes available.


Can I find out my child’s queue position?

We understand that you would like to know as early as possible whether your child has a place. Unfortunately, we are not able to share the queue number with students or parents as it is difficult to give a precise answer before the school completes the intake process.  We offer places based on the date on which students joined the queue, but also consider whether they will have a sibling in the school at the same time (syskonförtur). If a spot is to open up and you are next in line, we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a place.2


Can I apply from outside of Sweden?

Yes you can. If your child is missing a Swedish personal number/social number, please use the following “code” to apply for your child (Y-year, M-month, D-day of students birth):

For a girl: YYMMDD-TF10

For a boy: YYMMDD-TF20


Does it cost anything to attend the school?

No, there are no fees to attend IES schools.  Our schools are funded in the same way as those run by the municipality - through the Swedish tax system and the school voucher (skolpeng).


What year groups are offered at IES Östersund?

This school year (2021-22) we will have FSKL-Year 8. By the school year 2022/2023 the year groups will be Förskoleklass - Year 9. 


How many students are there in each class?

Förskoleklass -Year 3: Maximum of 28 students per class

Year 4 -Year 9: Maximum of 32 students per class


Why do mentor groups get changed and what if I am not happy with the new class list?

All IES have a policy of changing mentor class lists either every academic year or between stages (eg:  1-3, 4-6. 7-9).  This is to help students develop skills to find ways to work with different people and to build strategies for coping with change.


If a student is not happy with a new class list they will probably not be the only one who is feeling anxious about working with a new group.  This is good training for life and our mentors will be working hard with their mentor groups to help students get to know each other.  This is part of the fun of being at an IES school - the increased opportunities for making new friends!


Can parents come and visit the school to look round?

Unfortunately, at present, we are not allowing visitors into the school due to the current pandemic situation. However, we do have a digital tour of the school that you can watch to become familiar with the different areas we have for students. You can find our digital tour on our website at https://ostersund.engelska.se/digital-tour or on YouTube. You can also follow our social media channels to keep up to date. 


What is the school dress code for students?

There is no school uniform, but there is a dress code. School is a workplace, both for teachers and students, and we expect everyone to dress appropriately for this environment.  Clothing should also be in a good state of repair (no ripped jeans) clean, and should not be a distraction to the educational process (no underwear on show / no exposed midriffs).


P.E Uniform

Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for their Physical Education lessons. This means clothes that are comfortable and athletic. Supportive and closed toe shoes are required (ideally trainers / sneakers). Please can all items brought to school be clearly named.


Is my child allowed to use a phone in school?

Students are not allowed to use their personal phones at school. In the case that you need to contact your child please call the reception during school hours or fritids department during fritids hours. If your child needs to contact you while they are at school they can speak with a staff member who will help.


What does my child need to bring to school?  

All students are encouraged to come to school and be prepared for classes.  All students are given an IES branded back pack and pencil case and these should be clearly named and looked after and used throughout their time at IES.  Students will be provided with basic stationery at school but if students wish to come with their own, they can.  


All students are given a fruit snack and a school lunch every day and we have a no additional food on school site policy.  All students are encouraged to bring a clearly named water bottle to school with them.  Fritids students can eat breakfast and mellis every day (contact Fritids for more information.)  If your child has additional dietary requirements contact the school nurse.


On days that students have PE, they should bring appropriate clothing with them (see above).  


Do students need to bring a padlock with them for their lockers?

No, all lockers have a built in lock with a unique code.


When and what will my child eat for lunch?

Food is prepared on site and there is always a vegetarian option.  If your child has other dietary requirements, contact the school nurse in the first instance.  Once informed, our kitchen staff have no problem catering for any allergies or special food requirements.  The school lunch is of course free of charge.


All students eat with their mentor group in the dining hall and lunches are served between 10:45-12:45 every day.  Information will be on your child’s schedule.


How do I find my child’s schedule? 

Students will receive their schedules on their first day of school when they meet with their mentor groups.  They will also be available on SchoolSoft for students and parents to view.


Where can I find key school dates?

Important school dates will be posted on our school year calendar. We will of course notify you of any other important dates that arise throughout the year. Please note that we generally follow the same schedule as the municipality for holidays and vacations.


Which languages are offered?

We are a bilingual school which offers education in both Swedish and English. Additionally, students in classes 6-9 are offered modern language classes where they can choose between French, Spanish and German. 


What languages are lessons taught in?

In F-3 classes, lessons are mainly taught in Swedish but there is always English support. From Year 4, lessons are bi-lingual and are taught in both Swedish and English. After Year 6 students will also study a third language. Third languages that are offered are Spanish, French, and German. 


Is it necessary for my child to speak English when beginning at IES?

English is not a prerequisite for attending our school. We welcome all students regardless of their knowledge of English.


Any questions about Fritids?

Our fritids is open Mon-Fri from 06:30-17:30. You can reach our fritids staff on our fritids phone number 063- 77 80 72.