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Principal Announcement

Principal Announcement

Dear all,

My name is Mika Reunanen and as of 23 March, I will be the principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan Östersund which opens in August 2020.

I am very excited to be part of bringing IES to Östersund and to start a new school to the benefit of all of us working and living in the local community. I’m passionate about the importance of education, and I firmly believe in IES’s ethos and its core promise to deliver a calm learning environment and high academic ambitions for all students.  

IES believes in the importance of strong leadership in a school, and so do I. I have a solid background from different leadership roles. The past six years, I have been the principal for the Prolympia school in Östersund and previously I have worked for both the Swedish Ski Association and the Swedish Armed Forces. I moved to Östersund in 1989 from Stockholm, a move I have never regretted. 

When I start in March, I look forward to building a strong team of educators and support staff that are ready to welcome all students when school starts in August.

Best Regards, 

Mika Reunanen  

If you have questions about admission or other questions about the school in Östersund, please email


School transformation progressing well

School transformation progressing well

The renovation process for our new school in Östersund is moving forward according to schedule, and we look forward to welcoming the first students to the school when it opens in August.
We will start to offer places to students in February/March, and families will be offered their place in the same order that they placed their children in the queue.
To join the queue today visit:

IES Östersund - opening August 2020

IES Östersund - opening August 2020

Join the queue for IES Östersund here

From August families in Östersund and the local area will be able to send their children to learn at a new bilingual school.

Internationella Engelska Skolan will open a school in Östersund in August 2020 in the former Palmcrantzskolan building.

The school will accommodate approximately 600 students when full, with two classes in each grade from F–9. However, initially the school will be smaller, and the number of classes in each year-group during the school’s first year will be decided based on where the interest in the queue is strongest.  There will not be a grade 9 during the first year as few families tend to wish to move a child in the final year of compulsory education as this can be a large adjustment.

Cecilia Marlow, interim CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “We’ve had a dialogue with Östersund municipality for several years about how we can contribute to their increased efforts in education. Following these positive discussions we are pleased to provide Östersund’s parents and students with another option when choosing schools. The school is being renovated to fit our needs, and in August 2020 we look forward to welcoming all students in Östersund, regardless of background, to do their best in a safe and calm learning environment.”

Work has started to bring this school building up to date, transforming it into a first class, modern school, with everything required to offer students the ideal learning environment.

We are also working to recruit a principal who will then have a key role in hand-picking outstanding teachers from Sweden and abroad, as they build their team.

Interested families are already able to place themselves in the queue for the school by visiting and filling out the form.  Students for each year-group will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Families will be given the chance to learn more about the school and ask questions at an information evening on November 14 at Folkets Hus.

Come and work with us

Come and work with us

Soon we will start recruiting the very best teachers in all subject areas. We expect you to be a true professional, with the credentials of certification – from Sweden or abroad – to prove it. We also need professionals in non-teaching areas to work with us.

If you are passionate about education, believe in our ethos of a safe and orderly environment and high academic expectations, then you are the sort of teacher we are looking for.

If you are enticed by the thought of being part of a dynamic international school environment – then this is an exciting career opportunity for you. Read more here.

Send your CV to, citing reference Östersund20

Internationella Engelska Skolan Skellefteå officially opened

Internationella Engelska Skolan Skellefteå officially opened

"Welcome to your school." - Frederik Granström, principal of IES Skellefteå, and Cecilia Marlow, interim CEO of IES, planting a ceremonial apple tree.

IES opened its 37th school, in Skellefteå, during a grand opening ceremony attended by students, parents and staff.

The school in Skellefteå is opening with around 240 students in grades F-9, and will grow over time. It has been opened following a close dialogue with the local municipality, to compliment the schools they run, help attract families with an international background to the town, and above all to provide more school places which offer students a high-quality of education.

Before planting an apple tree in IES tradition the school’s principal, Mr Granström, told students: "Welcome to your school, I promise you that this will be a school where you can feel safe every day.  This will be a school which helps you to develop academically and also socially, with a view to the future. We live in a global society and the borders outside of Sweden will be open to you.  This is a school where you can be exactly who you are and be respected for that.”

Turning to the parents he added: “It is with a great sense of responsibility that I promise that I will do my very best to take care of your children and their education when they are with me, thank you for choosing IES Skellefteå and thanks for being here today.”

IES has been teaching children since 1993 and today has 26 000 students in Sweden. The organisation follows the clear convictions set out by the organisation’s founder, Barbara Bergström, about what constitutes a really good school, where children can develop to their fullest potential.

The school will provide a bilingual education to children from Skellefteå and the local area, following the IES promise to help students learn to command both the English and Swedish languages.

As with other IES schools it will also provide a safe and calm environment, so that students can enjoy their time at school and concentrate on what they are being taught.

Cecilia Marlow, interim CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, told the audience: "That means that we can use every minute of the lesson, it means that it is a safe environment to learn in and to teach in. It also means that your children will gain the most knowledge during their years in this school.

“Thank you for entrusting us with the most valuable thing you have, your children, it is a very big responsibility, but I can personally vouch for that your children are in very good hands with Mr Granström and his team."

Student volunteers proudly held up the ribbon for Mr Granström, to cut, before he welcomed everyone into the building.

Mr Granström with students, cutting the ribbon to officially open the school.

Ten-year-old Maya Gillerstedt (pictured above, furthest left) was one of the children who held up the ribbon. Although she has a Swedish-background, she has lived in Canada for the past eight years, and her lessons so far have been in English.  She is now looking forward to a fully bilingual education.

She said: “I like the school, the teachers are nice and I think it is a very good building.  I think I have a head start in maths and English, I might be a bit lower in Swedish because it is not what I am used to in school, but I know the teachers will help and I am a pretty quick learner.

“I don’t know the national anthem, so I need to learn that."

The ceremony concluded as parents watched their children line up by class, to be led into their new school by their teachers. Everyone who attended the opening ceremony also had the opportunity to tour the building, which has been transformed into a bright and modern educational environment.

With the school officially open students will start learning, get to know one another, and embark on a journey which will see them put on blue caps and gowns as they graduate at the end of year nine.

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