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Information regarding upcoming PE/Idrott lessons

Dear parents and carers,


We would like to take the chance to give you some information about PE this term. PE is a mandatory subject for all students. Our gym hall has been updated and renovated to provide the students with large changing areas and showers. 


Students are expected to shower after every PE lesson before leaving the gym area. Therefore you will need to provide your child with a named towel on the days that they have PE. In the changing areas aerosol deodorant cannot be used due the fire alarms being sensitive to this and airborne allergies. We therefore ask that only stick or roll on deodorant is given to pupils to use after PE.  


For the first few weeks students will be outside and therefore need to come prepared for this. (warm and waterproof clothing if needed on the day.) 


Years 4-7  will be doing orienteering during weeks 38 and 39.

Years 1-3 will be doing orienteering during weeks 37 and 38.


Students that wear hijabs are respectfully asked to bring a sports hijab for PE to keep in line with health and safety guidelines to keep all students safe when playing sports. 


If you would like any more information regarding PE please feel free to contact us using the email details below. 


Best wishes
Rachel Duerden and Kikki Persson


Responses to the first days at IES Östersund

Responses to the first days at IES Östersund

Here are some of the amazing replies that we got in response to an Instagram story last week, when we asked for one word to describe the first few days at IES Östersund. 

We are all so happy that people enjoyed themselves and seem to love the school as much as the staff members do. Here's to an excting first academic year. 

From the Principal

IES Östersund Official Opening and School Start!

IES Östersund Official Opening and School Start!

The weather was perfect!  The sun was shining and the air was warm.  It was a wonderful day on which to open the doors to our new students and parents for our official opening and school start on Thursday 20th August 2020!  We had a very calm and orderly staggered start.  This began at 06:30 when Fritids welcomed their first visitors.  The playground soon contained many FSKL children who were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their mentors.  After both FSKL A and FSKL B lined up perfectly and walked to their classrooms the Year 1 students and their parents quickly arrived.  This system continued until our oldest students (7A and 7B) completed the process.  Our smartly dressed staff were out and about infront of the school and they were easy to spot because of their IES yellow vests.  Their prescence really helped with the organisation and meant that parents and students could easily find a member of staff if they needed any questions answered.

Students lining up at the beginning of the day

Once all our students were inside, the school felt so vibrant and full of energy.  Whilst mentors and their students got to know each other and took tours of their new school, I had the pleasure and the privilege to meet a small number of special guests who had each played an important part in helping to establish IES Östersund.  After speeches some of our Year 1 and Year 3 students helped me to plant our apple tree of wisdom. They then held our IES blue ribbon infront of the main reception so that I could ceremoniously cut it and declare IES Östersund officially open!

Planting of the apple tree

It was disappointing that our plans for celebrating the official opening had to be scaled down in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.  However, I look forward to a second 're-opening' of the school next year when all of the site and facilities will be open and we welcome many more new students to the school.

This is such a special time. I know that my staff are all as excited as I am to now get on with the most important jobs - to get to know each and every one of our students, help them fulfill their academic potential in our calm learning environment and help them develop a command of the English language.  

Here's to a successful first year at IES Östersund.

From the Principal

New School and New Staff!

IES Östersund staff

I have so enjoyed starting to meet many of our new IES Östersund students and parents recently, both at our FSKL and Year 1 Induction Sessions and our FSKL - Year 5 Parent Information Sessions.  FInally, after months of hard work, it feels that the school building is starting to come to life! I am looking forward to meeting Year 6 and Year 7 parents at their meetings and I am especially excited about meeting and greeting all of our students as they arrive at school each morning.  


However, I have also been getting to know all the staff who are now working at IES Östersund. I have a great team!  There have been many training sessions.  During these we have been addressing the IES core values and the ‘10 must haves’ for every lesson and discussing how they will be used in the classrooms and school environment. We have also been getting to know one another to build a team that has a common goal and mindset. The staff members have been familiarising themselves with the school site and preparing lessons for the students’ arrival. 


There has been lots of progress in the school and more new furniture and equipment is being delivered every day. It is very exciting seeing the building develop and look like a real school! I am very grateful to all the crews who have been working so hard to get everything ready on time.   Do keep checking the school’s Facebook and Instagram (@ies_ostersund) accounts where information and updates about the school is posted. 


We would like to extend a very warm welcome to every new student and their carers to the IES Östersund school community. All of the staff are looking forward to getting to know you better as we work in partnership to provide our students with a safe, calm and engaging education for many years to come.


This is an exciting time...a new school year, a new school and new students!


Your Principal - Mr Reunanen

IES Östersund Management Team
From the Principal

Summer greetings!

Summer greetings!

The summer break has recently begun, and whilst for many this is a great opportunity to relax and re-energise, I and my team have been busy with feverish activity planning for the autumn school start when we will welcome all our expectant pupils. 

The spring has been slightly different and challenging due to Covid 19 but we have succeeded in our preparations and I can assure you that we will have a fantastic school environment ready in the autumn.  You can follow the exciting developments at our school at ies_ostersund on Instagram.

In the next few weeks we will set the schedule and at the beginning of August I will give you more information about the first days at school and the program for our Grand Opening. 

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing summer holiday.

Your Principal - Mr Reunanen