Year 6 Replacement National Tests and Year 3 National Tests

From the Principal
Year 6 Replacement National Tests and Year 3 National Tests

Due to Covid and the special adaptations that have had to be made, national tests this year have been a little bit different.  During the past few weeks our Year 6s have sat 'replacement national tests' in Swedish, English and maths.  The students have really impressed me with their attitude towards these tests.  Many of the tests were taken in the aula and students very quickly adapted to our high expectations that students should behave in a calm and orderly manner when in the test environment.  Our teachers have been working hard to mark the test papers and feedback will be given to students and their parents/carers as soon as possible.  


Our Year 3 students have also been working through their Swedish and maths national tests and Mrs Nilsson, the Year 3 mentor, has been very pleased with how the students have risen to the challenge of several tests over the past few weeks.


We regularly remind students that it is important to try their very best when in these test situations, but it is even more important to remember that the test results form part of the overall end grade.  End results are always a reflection of the continual assessment that teachers make over the year and the teachers work hard to provide appropriate opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways.