Our first fire evacuation training drill

From the Principal
Our first fire evacuation training drill

Having high academic expectations and aspirations is one of the IES core values.  Another core value is that we create and maintain a safe and calm learning environment everywhere within the school.  


It was therefore a very important moment when the whole school community took part in our first fire evacuation training drill.  All of our staff had already received fire safety education from Anticimex during their onboarding weeks and teachers had spoken to the students about the evacuation protocol before we sounded the alarm. 


I was very happy with the students' behaviour during the drill.  There was a calm and orderly exit from the school building and all mentor groups waited in quiet lines with their teacher so that an attendance register could be taken.  As Principal, I completed final checks of rooms and windows and doors before vacating the school.  It is obviously my dearest hope that we never have to take part in a real life fire evacuation.  However, it is crucial that the school community remains informed and prepared for emergency situations and so we will continue to train throughout the year.