IES Regional Conference - Friday 16th October

From the Principal
IES Regional Conference - Friday 16th October

IES Östersund took part in its first Regional Conference on Friday 16th October.  This meant that the school was closed to all students for the day.  However, it was a really great opportunity for all our staff - teachers, Fritids and Junior Club leaders, the Student Care Team (SCT), receptionists, admin staff and our site premises staff and the Leadership Team - to have some quality time together to reflect and review.  We have achieved so much together in such a very short amount of time and it was really important that everyone was able to think about their own personal achievements and what has been accomplished by the team.


Staff at IES Östersund were also able to connect, using google hangouts, with other colleagues at IES Skellefteå, Sundsvall and Falun.  These schools have been up and running for longer than us and so we were really happy to learn from their experiences and benefit from advice and tips from them!


Personally, I thought the day was a really good use of our time.  I felt so proud of all our staff when we had our final feedback session at the end of the day and we were able share how we want to work with our goals and visions for IES Östersund.  I feel confident that the staff that are working here have a really good understanding of what it means to work in a school which promotes a command of the English language, maintains a calm and orderly learning environment and has high expectations for every student.