Heads up !

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Heads up !

Happy Weekend Östersund
Heads up - most of all staff members and teachers are now employed. I´m glad to announce that all members of the student health care team and staff to our pre- and afterschool program team (fritids and junior club) is employed. I´m also glad to announce that the schools leading staff also now is assisted by human resources administrator and economist.

The majority of all teachers are recruited and the few positions left to fill will be recruited within a couple of weeks, I have several qualified candidates to interview. The mix of swedish and international teachers is sufficient under the circumstances of the recruitning challenges with travel prohibitation and Covid-19.

And the best of all, the classes is just about to form - we have some few pupils to recruit :-).

Afterwards I will announce all staff members on this site, some individually and some in teams.

Wish you all a nice weekend / Mika Reunanen
Your Principal