Future Students Of IES Östersund.

Future Students Of IES Östersund.

To all parents and carers and future students of IES Östersund!


We know that many of you are thinking about which school you will be attending from August 2021.  IES Östersund is pleased to announce that we are expanding and next school year we will have two classes in every year group, from FSKL to Year 8.  We would have loved to have welcomed you all to visit our school site so that you could see for yourself what makes IES Östersund such a special place.  Since we opened to our first students in F-7 classes in August 2020, our whole school community has worked hard to create a culture which knows and understands our three IES values.  The school has a calm and orderly learning environment, in which teachers can teach and students learn.  We all have high expectations of each other and everyone is encouraged to develop a command of English.  It would have been wonderful to have shown you these special characteristics in person.  However, due to Covid, we cannot hold Open House events.  So - to learn a little more about IES schools, we invite you to watch this 3 minute long film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JtQpwRXVrE&feature=emb_logo  


Applying for a place at a new school can be a big decision.  We want you to feel as informed as possible.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact info.ostersund@engelska.se.  In the meantime, enjoy the film, take a look at our school website & Instagram account to see the latest updates about the school. Don’t forget to apply for a spot at the school using the application form that can be found on our website. 


Admission and the offer of a place is based upon application date and queue time. This means that those who have been in the queue for the longest time, will get offered a spot first at our school. Our queue system follows the principle that those people who are first in the queue get offered a spot first for that class. We have made the assessment that this is the fairest way of dealing with the queue system. Exceptions are  however made if a child has a sibling that is currently attending IES Östersund, and if both children will attend the school at the same time. In that case, sibling priority is put in place. If this applies to you, please ensure that you fill in the box that states “Sibling in the same school” in the application form and input the sibling's Swedish social security number.


We look forward to welcoming our future students soon!