First month at IES Östersund

From the Principal
First month at IES Östersund

September 2020

Hello Östersund!

We opened to students on the 20th August as the 38th IES school in Sweden.  The first month of being a fully functioning school has been intense and exciting.  There have been many meetings with new teachers, students and parents who have come from different parts of the world and these meetings are shaping the development of our shared culture and ethos.

Our students have embraced our values.  They are especially positive about our determination to create a safe and orderly school environment where teachers can teach and students learn in peace.  Bilingual teaching and learning has been a challenge for some, but students are adapting quickly and are developing their language skills at a rapid pace.  I am very proud of what our students and staff have achieved so far and I know that things will continue to improve all the time.  

It is unfortunate that the local media have been focusing on issues other than our core values and daily activities.  I therefore thought that I would take this opportunity to highlight our focus, our goals and our promises.   

Internationella Engelska Skolan Östersund offers teaching in a safe environment. Student well-being and the right to learn in a peaceful environment are prerequisites for all our students. We are proud to say that every day we work as a team to provide a safe, structured and secure school learning environment.  

Furthermore, we are proud to say that we have high academic expectations and aspirations for all our students.  Students' future personal and professional success in adult life is often dependent, in part, upon their educational experience in their formative years.  That is why at IES Östersund, we do all we can to promote a positive growth mindset approach to academic endeavour.  I and my staff share the same desire to see each and every student as an individual and personalise their educational experience accordingly.  At IES Östersund we do not expect everyone to be the best but we do expect everyone to do their best.  

I am proud that the IES Östersund family is a diverse socio-economic and cultural community.  Our students represent 14 different mother tongue languages and the staff represent 8. Multilingualism and cultural differences are part of our everyday life and we embrace a truly international atmosphere.  Promoting language skills is a natural “must” and, because English is our collective language, developing a command of English is essential.

I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and I am convinced that our school community has a place alongside other educational establishments within Östersund.  We are here to stay and are committed to delivering our values and ethos every day to our students and their parents and carers.

I would like to end by sharing our promise with all students, guardians and staff

“Teaching and education is our core business! We will deliver good teaching and every student will be given the best conditions to reach their full potential, based on their personal level. Jointly, we will build and maintain a strong positive culture and safeguard our work environment. We will work for, and maintain, confidential relationships where participation and commitment will characterize our daily work.”


Mr Reunanen

Your Principal