Covid - 19 precautions

From the Principal
Covid - 19 precautions

The autumn break week was a wonderful opportunity for many teaching staff and students to relax and re-energise.  However, the IES Östersund Fritids and Junior Club staff and the Student Care Team staff were still on site, caring for children and carrying out useful tasks in preparation for the start of the second part of our autumn term.


We have all been affected by the news that Covid-19 rates are increasing again in Sweden and I have been advised by IES Headquarters that we must take extra measures to best manage the situation.  One change is that most on site face to face meetings must now be cancelled and only the most urgent meetings can now take place.  This means that with immediate effect we respectfully ask that no parents or carers proceed beyond the school reception if they enter the school.  It would be ideal if all parents/carers said goodbye to their children at the school gate.  Parents/carers who are collecting children from Fritids are now asked to enter the school and check out their child at the Fritids check out point which is located in front of the school reception.  


I am sure that everyone will understand the importance of these new procedures and will cooperate with us so that we can do our best to try and reduce the spread of infection.

From the Principal.