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Visit from VIPs (Very Important People)

Visit from VIPs (Very Important People)

We were very excited to welcome Mrs Barbara Bergström to IES Östersund in September.  Mrs Bergström founded the first IES in 1993 and we have been keen to introduce her to our school since we opened in August 2020.  Mrs Bergström was joined on the visit by her husband, Mr Hans Bergström and the CEO of IES - Ms Anna Sörelius Nordenborg. 

Our Management Team & Year 4 students with the VIP guests

Our visitors were given a tour of the school.  They were able to see for themselves that our students experience a calm and orderly environment and enjoy bilingual lessons, taught by teachers who have high expectations for all.  Mrs Bergström gave us a painting.  It was a portrait of herself, standing in front of the apple tree of knowledge and surrounded by birds who represent our students flying out into the world.  It was a very memorable day for all of us and we hope that we will be able to welcome our guests back again sometime soon.

Mrs Bergström and Ms Sörelius Nordenborg greeting Year 1B 
VIP guests visiting our FSKL classroom
Mrs Bergström alongside Ms Nilsson in Year 4A's SO lesson
Ms Sörelius Nordenborg visiting our Year 4 classroom 

Pride at IES

Pride at IES

During weeks 35 and 36 IES Östesund has been celebrating Pride.  This has linked to our half term whole school theme of 'Everybody has the right to be who they are and love who they want'.  The school has been decorated with rainbow flags and hearts, there has been an information display about LGBTQ role models and the different LGBTQ+ flags with their meanings.Mentor groups have also been working on activities to promote teamwork and acceptance.


We had our first Dress Up Day of the school year on Friday 3rd September and all students and staff were invited to come to school dressed in colourful clothes.  It was wonderful to see a sea of rainbow colours everywhere in the school.  Staff who are in Lynx House even went the extra mile and wore blue (their house colour) wigs all day!  Not only was the Dress Up Day a fun way to celebrate the end of Östersund Pride Week, but it was also a great way for everyone involved to win House Points!

Lynx House staff members

School Start 2021!

School Start 2021!

It was very exciting to welcome back so many returning students and staff for our School Start during week 34.  It was even more exciting to introduce all of our new students to the school.  We are now an F-8 school, with two mentor groups in every year group and our student numbers have increased to over 500.  To best meet their needs, we have also expanded the size of our staff and for the 2021-22 school year we have a staff of 54.  These are truly exciting times!


The start of our second year of being an IES school brought more excitement.  We introduced the concept of school houses.  Every student and staff member has been sorted into one of four school houses. Students with siblings or relative at the school have been placed in the same house as their family member to create a sense of tradition. The houses are named: Bear House, Lynx House, Moose House and Wolverine House.  These names were chosen because they are wild animals that can be found in our beautiful Jämtland wilderness.  The house system gives students and staff the opportunity to collaborate with others across the school and develop positive working relationships with people that they may not have otherwise got to work with.  There have already been several opportunities for students and staff to earn House Points and more will be written about in future weeks!


New staff onboarding

New staff onboarding

It was great to welcome 19 new members of staff to IES Östersund at the start of week 32.  Our returning staff joined them later on in the week for our staff Kick Off and we are now a team of 51!  The increase in staff numbers reflects our school expansion and when school starts on Thursday 26th August we will have well over 500 students in total.  It is so exciting to think that our school opened only a year ago with just 11 mentor groups and 12 months later we are a school of 18 mentor groups!


If you need more information about pre school start information meetings or times for our staggered school start, then check the news items in SchoolSoft.  If you are a parent or carer of a student who will be starting with us in week 34, then please check your emails for more information.


Between now and school start the IES Östersund team of staff have plenty of work to be doing.  There will be training and plenty of preparation so that when we welcome our students we can be confident that they will be able to experience a calm and orderly learning environment where teachers can teach and students learn.


In the meantime - enjoy the last few days of the summer and we look forward to a really exciting and fun school year ahead.

Status update for new students (Academic year - 21/22)

Status update for new students (Academic year -  21/22)

Firstly, we would like to start by saying that we are very happy that so many people have shown an interest in our school, and we are looking forward to welcoming all our new students in August! We have a few spots to offer in Years 2, 3 & 4, so if you have a child who is in this age group and you have an interest in our organization, there is a possibility for your child to start at our school this autumn term. To register for a spot in the queue, please fill in our digital form, which you can find on our homepage. After that we will contact you with an admission form if there are still spots available. 


If you have a child who is in the queue system for our school, but you have not heard anything, your child is still in the queue, and you will be contacted as soon as your child is next in line. This means that you will remain in our queue system until you tell us otherwise. 

If the whole school year passes without any information regarding the queue spot, the waiting list will be exported to the next school year and year group, which means that you do not have to make a new application for your child. 


If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact our school administrator Maja Lindholm via our info-email at


Wishing you all a lovely summer break!