Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to IES Östersund!  It is a pleasure and a privilege to be the Principal of IES Östersund and be   involved from its very beginning!  IES schools are very special places.  Although each has its own, unique, local personality and atmosphere, they all share the same core values which underpin absolutely everything   that happens in the schools. When IES Östersund opens in August 2020, and welcomes 330 students to its FSKL-Year 7 classes, it will be exactly the same.  I and my team of dedicated professionals will work hard to ensure that the school has a calm and safe environment where teachers can teach and students learn. We all have high academic expectations of   each student who joins us and every member of staff is committed to helping students achieve a command of the English language. Yet, at the same time I am very sensitive to the fact that IES Östersund is a new school which will take its place in the Östersund community and I want us to be able to celebrate Jämtland culture and play a meaningful role in the life of our beautiful city and surrounding environment.

I am looking forward to introducing myself personally to our students and their care-givers and I am sure that   we will have a lot to learn from each other.  Until then, a brief introduction about myself...

I have been a school principal since 2014 and my favourite aspect of the job is seeing young people grow, both in their intellect and as individuals.  It is such a privilege to be part of their journey towards maturity and to be able to contribute towards their development.  I truly believe that participation builds commitment and together we will make IES Östersund a fantastic school which lives up to our expectations and promises.  

Nevertheless, I haven't always been a school principal!  Before my time in school education I worked with the Swedish Ski Federation and before that I was in the Swedish army.  Infact, I am still a major for the reservists and CO for a reconnaissance and surveillance unit.

I believe that my varied life experiences place me in an excellent position to lead the establishment and growth of IES Östersund.  Together with my team of staff, students and their families and the Östersund community, I have every confidence that our new school will be a warm, welcoming place which inspires all of its students on their life-long educational adventure.

Mr Reunanen - Principal